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Bug reports

Think you’ve found a bug? We’d love for you to help us get it fixed.

Before you create a new issue, you should:

Once you’ve done a bit of searching and discovered there isn’t prior art for your bug, please create a new Github issue with:

For instance, instead of:

I think WP-CLI is broken. Can you help me?

It’s more helpful to give as much detail as you can:

When I run wp post list, I see a fatal error about a class being undefined. I expected to see the list of posts.

If you include the --debug flag when executing WP-CLI (e.g. wp post list --debug), you may get more verbosity into the source of the error.

Your bug may also be environment-specific. Because WP-CLI is a tool whose behavior is different from system to system, it never hurts to include some environmental details in your issue if you think they’re relevant.

# What is your system?
lsb_release -a
uname -a
# Which version of PHP are you using?
which -a php
php -v
# Are you running suhosin? If so, make sure you've added `suhosin.executor.include.whitelist = phar` to your php.ini
php -m | grep -i suhosin
# Which version of WordPress are you using?
grep '^\$wp_version\s' wp-includes/version.php
# Can you share the results of which wp ?
which -a wp
stat $(which wp)
# Are you running any packages? If one is causing a problem, you can use `--skip-packages` to skip loading them
wp package list