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wp term - Manage terms.

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# Create a new term.
$ wp term create category Apple --description="A type of fruit"
Success: Created category 199.

# Get details about a term.
$ wp term get category 199 --format=json --fields=term_id,name,slug,count

# Update an existing term.
$ wp term update category 15 --name=Apple
Success: Term updated.

# Get the term's URL.
$ wp term list post_tag --include=123 --field=url

# Delete post category
$ wp term delete category 15
Success: Deleted category 15.

# Recount posts assigned to each categories and tags
$ wp term recount category post_tag
Success: Updated category term count
Success: Updated post_tag term count


Name Description
create Create a new term.
delete Delete an existing term.
generate Generate some terms.
get Get details about a term.
list List terms in a taxonomy.
meta Manage term custom fields.
recount Recalculate number of posts assigned to each term.
update Update an existing term.