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wp media - Manage attachments.

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# Re-generate all thumbnails, without confirmation.
$ wp media regenerate --yes
Found 3 images to regenerate.
1/3 Regenerated thumbnails for "Sydney Harbor Bridge" (ID 760).
2/3 Regenerated thumbnails for "Boardwalk" (ID 757).
3/3 Regenerated thumbnails for "Sunburst Over River" (ID 756).
Success: Regenerated 3 of 3 images.

# Import a local image and set it to be the featured image for a post.
$ wp media import ~/Downloads/image.png --post_id=123 --title="A downloaded picture" --featured_image
Success: Imported file '/home/person/Downloads/image.png' as attachment ID 1753 and attached to post 123 as featured image.


Name Description
import Create attachments from local files or URLs.
regenerate Regenerate thumbnails for one or more attachments.