The command line interface for WordPress

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wp core install - Runs the standard WordPress installation process.

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Creates the WordPress tables in the database using the URL, title, and default admin user details provided. Performs the famous 5 minute install in seconds or less.

Note: if you’ve installed WordPress in a subdirectory, then you’ll need to wp option update siteurl after wp core install. For instance, if WordPress is installed in the /wp directory and your domain is wp.dev, then you’ll need to run wp option update siteurl http://wp.dev/wp for your WordPress install to function properly.

Note: When using custom user tables (e.g. CUSTOM_USER_TABLE), the admin email and password are ignored if the user_login already exists. If the user_login doesn’t exist, a new user will be created.


The address of the new site.
The title of the new site.
The name of the admin user.
The password for the admin user. Defaults to randomly generated string.
The email address for the admin user.
Don’t send an email notification to the new admin user.


# Install WordPress in 5 seconds
$ wp core install --url=example.com --title=Example --admin_user=supervisor --admin_password=strongpassword [email protected]
Success: WordPress installed successfully.

# Install WordPress without disclosing admin_password to bash history
$ wp core install --url=example.com --title=Example --admin_user=supervisor [email protected] --prompt=admin_password < admin_password.txt