Consider yourself lucky there were less bugs in 0.17 than sugar ants in our kitchen. The changelog for 0.17.1:

  • Fixes use of wp plugin uninstall --no-delete by changing it to wp plugin uninstall --skip-delete. --no-* is a special class of argument which negates a flag, and the behavior for --no-delete had been broken for several releases.
  • Fixes creating and editing posts in Vim or another system editor.
  • Fixes use of mkdir on Windows.
  • Fixes activating and deactivating plugins located in the same directory.
  • Plugin and theme names with HTML-encoded characters are decoded for presentation.
  • PHP magic methods like __construct() and __destruct() are ignored as subcommands. You can still use __invoke() to register one command to a class.
  • Forces https for requests to
  • Fixes blank response for wp comment list --format-ids.
  • Adds error handling to Core_Command::_read(), for when returns bad responses.
  • php-cli-tools v0.10.2: Fixes supplying empty array to cli\Table, and incorrect lengths for colorized strings in cli\Table

You can browse the full list of resolved issues on GitHub.

Contributors to this release: borekb, danielbachhuber, szepeviktor, wturrell