The longer 0.15 soaked, the more bug fixes it saw. It’s finally time to get them into a stable release as 0.15.1:

  • persist menu item data when updating a menu item; permit multiple menu items to be deleted at once
  • allow widgets to be added to empty sidebars; make sure widget at index=0 is removed from sidebar when deactivated
  • ignore --user when installing WordPress
  • support empty DB_CHARSET value when running database commands
  • throw a warning when using wp (theme|plugin) update without named entities or --all
  • resolve PHP notices when using wp core update with a specified --version, or wp widget add
  • use WordPress’ _n() instead of ngettext()
  • fix segmentation fault in PHP 5.5.11/12 (and probably other 5.5.x versions)

You can browse the full list of resolved issues on GitHub.

Contributors to this release: boonebgorges, danielbachhuber, jmslbam, mboynes, szepeviktor, westonruter