I’m pleased to present the first release of WP-CLI in 2014, coincidentally called 0.14.0. Let’s get right into it.

Automatically detect WordPress in a subdirectory

Having WordPress in a subdirectory is a great way keep your code repository clean.

Until now, you had to explicitly tell WP-CLI how to find it, either by using the --path= parameter, or by creating a wp-cli.yml file in the root directory. With version 0.14, it will find it automatically.

To make this not-common-enough scenario work, we had to once again call upon the dark powers of eval().

Protection against running as root

If you try to run a WP-CLI command as the superuser, WP-CLI will refuse to run. In production environments, most of the commands should actually be run under the same user as the web server. But, in general, running commands as root is a bad idea.

For example, if you run wp media regenerate as root, then the newly created thumbnail files will naturally be owned by root. If the web server is running under the www-data user, it won’t be able to change these files (unless they’re globally writable, which is less secure). So, the correct command would be sudo -u www-data wp media regenerate.

If you trigger this protection, you will also receive instructions about how to disable it.

--skip-plugins global flag

Ever used WP-CLI to install a plugin that broke WP-CLI? Well, now there’s a 100% sure way to deactivate it: wp --skip-plugins plugin deactivate naughty-plugin.

You can also skip only particular plugins: wp --skip-plugins=admin-blocker,complex-beast.

Breaking changes

  • wp term create, wp term update, wp term get and wp term delete now accept the taxonomy as the first parameter, just like all the other term subcommands

Other changes

  • added wp post url, wp comment url and wp site url subcommands
  • added wp theme enable and wp theme disable subcommands for multisite installs
  • added wp term generate subcommand
  • added --recurse-objects flag to wp search-replace
  • added --locale flag to wp core update
  • wp core download now caches WordPress archives
  • all wp user subcommands now accept user emails as parameters (besides IDs and usernames)
  • wp option and wp *-meta subcommands can now read values from STDIN
  • wp import now accepts multiple files
  • wp db export now accepts all parameters that mysqldump accepts
  • wp export now uses a better backend developed by Nikolay Bachiyski (see #525)
  • plugin slugs passed to wp plugin subcommands are now always case-sensitive
  • fixed JetPack activation
  • fixed wp core is-installed for multisite
  • fixed --max_depth parameter for wp post generate
  • fixed --role parameter for wp user generate
  • fixed issue where wp user import-csv would pick up previous user IDs
  • fixed issue with progress bar calling tput too often
  • execution is now aborted if too many positional parameters are passed or if an unknown associative parameter is passed

You can browse the full list of resolved issues on GitHub.

Contributors to this release: bartaakos, boonebgorges, danielbachhuber, eliorivero, francescolaffi, itsananderson, Japh, jmslbam, johnbillion, mboynes, mgburns, nb, rodrigoprimo, scribu, sibprogrammer, simonwheatley, SpikesDivZero, westonruter, ziz