This post originally appeared on make/core.

wp-cli is a command-line interface that is deployed and relied upon by almost every major user of WordPress out there. As we head into 2017, I wanted to make that its future is certain for everyone who builds on it, and that the major contributors to the project, chiefly Daniel Bachhuber, are able to work on it even more in the coming year.

To that end there are two big announcements:

  1. The website of, the code / GitHub, Twitter, and such are all coming in under the umbrella and there will be a CLI Make site with a P2 and all of the resources that used to be under There is already #cli on Slack and that will continue. (Will live at

  2. I’m going to be bringing together a number of companies in the WordPress ecosystem to solidify their financial support of runcommand so that Daniel and others can devote more time to making wp-cli better and better through 2017. This is a continuation of the fundraising started a few weeks ago.

This will all happen the first part of January, and I’m looking to a full and exciting year for wp-cli. Also big thanks to everyone who has chipped in, whether time or money, to support the project in the past. It has been one of the highest impact developments for WP in many years.

Many of the logistics are yet to be determined. Feel free to weigh in with questions, feedback, etc. in the comments, or join #cli on Slack. We’ll do our best to keep everyone in the loop as things develop.