A command line interface for WordPress

Command Description
cache Manage the object cache.
cap Manage user capabilities.
cli Get information about WP-CLI itself.
comment Manage comments.
core Download, install, update and otherwise manage WordPress proper.
cron Manage WP-Cron events and schedules.
db Perform basic database operations.
eval Execute arbitrary PHP code after loading WordPress.
eval-file Load and execute a PHP file after loading WordPress.
export Export content to a WXR file.
help Get help on a certain command.
import Import content from a WXR file.
media Manage attachments.
menu List, create, assign, and delete menus
option Manage options.
plugin Manage plugins.
post Manage posts.
rewrite Manage rewrite rules.
role Manage user roles.
scaffold Generate code for post types, taxonomies, etc.
search-replace Search/replace strings in the database.
server Launch PHP's built-in web server for this specific WordPress installation.
shell Interactive PHP console.
sidebar Manage sidebars.
site Perform site-wide operations.
super-admin List, add, and remove super admins from a network.
term Manage terms.
theme Manage themes.
transient Manage transients.
user Manage users.
widget Manage sidebar widgets.

Also see the list of community commands.